September 17th

What are the outside influences that lead me to this project?
How did this idea come about?

I have always been fascinated with memories, especially those of my parents and grandparents. I've been diligent in trying to preserve my own memories through photos, scrapbooks, and journals. I love seeing my friends from high school, spending hours saying "remember that one time?" and each providing our point of view on a specific event.
I also love people. I love anthropology; I love trying to understand why people do the things they do. I like knowing other people's stories. Since I often struggle with making deeply personal art, I'd much rather help someone else tell their story with my visual skills.
I want to be a graphic designer. It's what I love doing the most and I plan on getting a job at a design firm after graduation. However, aside from that, I've always had some sort of desire to be an illustrator, but my drawing skills are rather sub-par. Last year, I discovered paper cuts and realized this was a way I could illustrate without a pen or pencil. I think my previous post about paper-cuts does a good job of showing the artists who have influenced me in this medium.

I came into this year looking at it as an opportunity to do a project that I might not have done otherwise. Therefore, I decided to explore some type of illustration, instead of trying to develop a graphic design project (although I think in my style of illustration, the designer in me will still show through).

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