September 7th

Paper cut-outs.

I mentioned this form of art in my list of more serious interests because aside from working on the computer, paper is my favorite medium. Put an x-acto knife in my hand and I'm a happy camper. Here are some works by my favorite paper artists that really inspire me:

His works are absolutely stunning because he creates the 3-D items from the images cut out in 2-D, relating the two realms to each other and sometimes leaving them connected.

Thomas Allen is technically a photographer, but since he composes his pictures with modified vintage pulp fiction book covers, I think he falls under the category of paper artist. I love the narratives he creates with the characters.

Yulia is another artist who does stunning pieces, I don't know how she does it. I love the vibrancy and movement she creates and the integration of the typography with the abstract swirls, as well as the texture and depth that using paper adds.

He creates these images from only a plain white piece of paper and folds, showing an incredible knowledge of line and shadow. I love the starkness of the solid white and the linear depictions of architecture.

Julene does commissioned paper cuts, mostly featuring text. I love the way she connects everything together and her distinct style of type and illustration. This is an example of my preferred way of working with paper.

While these are actually all images of prints, it's clear that Rob Ryan is also a talented paper cutter. I love how recognizably "his" every piece is and the delicacy of the suspended items. I also like the use of two layered tones and would like to experiment more with the idea of layered paper cuts myself.

Bovey Lee's papercuts are incredibly intricate and full of details, creating a refined sort of chaos. Beyond the sheer amount of amazingly fine and tiny cuts, all her pieces are done on rice paper, adding to the fragility.

I love the way she uses a repetitive cut and bright colors to create these dynamic paper sculptures. They have such a presence and explosive quality.

The art of cut paper is making a comeback as a popular medium, branching out from its traditional "craft" roots according to an article titled "Running with Scissors" in the latest issue of Print magazine.

I took a BookArts studio last semester and in several of my projects I used paper cuts, here are some images from a set of three ethnic cookbooks, each image is cut from the white paper with a layer of colored paper behind it:

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