IP Hours for the Week of 10/18 to 10/24

Total Hours: 5 hours

Working on personal paper cut
Contacting places
Experimenting with color
Researching paper types

I'll be honest. Right now I'm finding it incredibly difficult to balance working on stuff for my other classes which all require things to be done right now with working on my IP project whose deadline seems so far away. I know, bad attitude and wrong perspective, but I'm going to try and fix it this week. I promise.

I contacted the Ann Arbor Senior center today and I think it is going to be the perfect place to connect with volunteers. I'm going there tomorrow to put up flyers and talk with people about the project. Glacier Hills, an assisted living center, I contacted last week hasn't responded to me yet, but that's okay. The Ann Arbor Senior Center is just a place for people to come socialize, take classes, play games, and so on - presumably the people there will most likely be more interested in the project and more open to talking anyways.

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