October 1st

Lotte Reiniger, a German silhouette animator and film director, was recently mentioned to me as someone I should look up and I'm really happy that I did. She was extremely talented and her work is very charming. I'm really inspired by the details of her characters and the way she sets up backgrounds for scenes. Here are the links some of her animations of Grimm Fairy tales: I especially love the forest in "Hansel & Gretel."

Like I said before I'm not really doing silhouettes in the traditional sense, but I still get a lot out of looking at these other styles. These videos are especially helpful in considering the borders and backgrounds of my posters and also thinking about ways to include detail without compromising the structural integrity of the posters.

Also in researching a little bit more about Lotte, I found out about Jan Pienkowski, an children's book illustrator who has used a similar silhouette style for several books. Yet another person to add to my current IP reading list. Here are some of his illustrations:

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