October 6th

One of the books I got from the library was a children's book called Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox.

It is a sweet story about a little boy who lives next to an "old-people's home" and has befriended a woman named Miss Nancy. He overhears his parents saying she has lost her memory, prompting him to ask those around him, "What's a memory?" After receiving a variety of answers, he gathers up objects that fit the various explainations and brings them to Miss Nancy. Each one brings back memories of her childhood and helps her "find" her memory.

I think this story is a good representation of how we all define memories in different ways and even more so - the way a feeling or smell or object can trigger in us a memory that had been forgotten. I think some of the most interesting memories don't necessarily have an exciting "plot line," but those that have a rich atmosphere - colors, smells, emotions, sounds, and so on. In my posters, I think I really want to explore these aspects of memory through the use of layering, transparency, and the types of cuts I'm making.


  1. hey katie -- good blog so far. to begin with, i really like your banner.

    this post is really interesting too -- the book seems so simple, poetic yet profound... and i like how the story communicates the complexities of this process in a way that shows what we often (incorrectly) take for granted about memory. i wonder how you can do this in your project: how you might challenge viewers' own conception of memory (and their stereotypes for the people you're working with) in your re-presentation of specific memories.

    and yes, i think the recognition of "atmosphere" being as important as "plot" is a good one.

    i'm excited to see what unfolds...


  2. Soo...I think I sometimes forget how sweet of an artist you are and how much your heart really is in it all. I'm pretty excited to see your project progress, and looking at your inspiration has been sweet. (the Lotte Reiniger vids were pretty neat)

    Also, I have yet to spend a night at your house, can we change that in the next couple of weeks?