#9 - Take a Road Trip with Friends

The calendar has crept into an entirely new year and I have no good excuses for the neglect this blog has endured. But I'm here with fresh enthusiasm and renewed excitement, so I hope you'll enjoy round two of my adventures in blogging.

2012 was a year that flew by. I went to Europe for the first time (more on that later). I celebrated one year at my job and three years with my wonderful boyfriend. I learned how to fishtail braid my hair. I played on an Ultimate Frisbee summer league team. I designed my first iPad app. I discovered the wonderfulness that is Parks and Recreation (seriously go watch it). I art directed and coordinated big photography project, another first. I watched three very dear friends get married in three different states over three different sunny August weekends (and was honored to be in two of them.)

And in 2012, I turned 25.

Now I'd like to tell you that I accomplished all of my 25 by 25 goals with time to spare, but I can't. What I can do is offer you this piece of advice: if you have goals you really want to accomplish, a blog you never update is really not the best place to store them. I suggest you post them up on a wall where you will see them with great frequency. Or else you'll be like me and realize the season in which your goal should take place has gone and passed you by. (I'm looking at you #12 - Sleep Outside Under the Stars.)


While I didn't exactly take the type of road trip this goal was intended to be, I'm going to count it as done. I drove back and forth to the northern suburbs Chicago a handful of times this summer; including once with my best friend (lots of showtunes were sung) and once with my boyfriend (we made a stop at Black Dog for some seriously delicious gelato). Then, for my Mom's birthday in October, I took her on a surprise one-day road trip along the Red Arrow Highway:

I gave her this birthday card itinerary the night before. It ended up being one of those beautiful, crisp fall days in Michigan, right at the peak of the leaves changing. I had made a handful of mixes to listen to, we meandered from place to place on our own schedule, and explored some of the coolest shops in Harbor County. That's what I'd call a road trip success.

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